Assembly Line Software

Assembly Manufacturing Software to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Designed to solve assemblers’ unique manufacturing challenges, JHT offers a host of powerful tools.

Assembly Configuration Flexibility

JHT assembly manufacturing ERP software offers industry-specific choices for both continuous and batch production, regardless of the type of assembly and fabrication processes you use: work center-based, assembly line-based, application-based, or a combination of numerous types. Here's why: customization equals optimization.

BOM Management

Enable unrestricted process creation and link it to assembly-specific BOMs to provide visibility at every stage of the production process. Depending on your needs, the assembly BOMs from IQMS can support numerous processes and cycle periods to provide either a single unique part number or multiple part numbers.

Dispatch Lists

Workers can electronically access their daily dispatch lists to view job descriptions, operating schedule times, and other information.

Labor Reporting

The assembly tools provided by JHT enable labor-focused manufacturing. labor report broken down into process or shift, with thorough tracking at the beginning, middle, and end. For ongoing visibility, reject or discard components at each step of the process. Here's why: customization equals optimization.

Process Security

For increased security, decide whether to certify your personnel or your individual procedures. Assign management authority to approve final assemblies and clear lines.

Product Lifecycle Management

Follow products from the point of design and quotation to the point of assembly and product life-end.

Production Planning

With detailed fabrication and assembly routings, capacity planning and sub-assembly control are handled easily.

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